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Maintenance Surveys

Our standard maintenance inspection procedure has been developed to give a full site electrical installation health check. Each report is tailored to the specific site to ensure all equipment is in optimal condition. Inspections include standard field wiring and installation, motors, motor control centers, lighting circuits, distribution boards and programmable logic controllers. A full report is issued to the client highlighting any safety risks or remedial works required to meeting client of standard regulatory requirements.  


PLC Health Check Package

Maximise PLC system efficiency with our Health Check Package. Prevent downtime, boost performance, and extend system life. 

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Our engineering team are equipped with infrared thermal cameras to conduct surveys of all electrical hardware. Surveys are non-invasive to site operation and highlight any components at risk of failure. High running temperatures can indicate an issue requiring further investigation and remedial work.

Safety Control Checks

Plants reliant on safety circuits within the control methodology require regular testing. Our controls engineers can conduct safety surveys using the sites control software. Emergency stops can fail over time resulting in incorrect safety procedure when activated. Each safety system is tested in sequence to ensure the correct controls response is produced. Any safety issue identified will be reported with remedial solution offered. 

EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report

Many sites require regular EICR’s to comply with governing regulations and often business insurance. Our engineering team are experience in performing EICR’s specific to the needs of commercial and industrial premises. We can deduct 10-100% of site installation content as required.

With age degradation of electrical installations is inevitable. EICR’s will identify which assets are in need of repair or updating due to regulatory non-conformance. A full report of testing will be issued, and solutions given for any remedial works required.

PAT Testing

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. It is a routine inspection conducted on electrical appliances and equipment to make sure they can be used safely in the workplace and any other public environment.

PAT usually involves visual and electrical inspections. The visual test searches for visible signs of damage, such as cracks, dents, discolorations, scorch marks, and wear. Electrical inspection utilises specialized PAT devices to detect some types of defects.  The procedure includes earth resistance, earth continuity, and insulation resistance tests, as well as polarity and safety-switch checks.

Our engineering team is equipped with industry standard PAT test equipment and can conduct annual inspections of your site. A full content inventory can be produced, and all non-compliant equipment reported.

What we do

(installations, projects. SLAs etc)

Controls Software

We provide comprehensive in-house software development services for all aspects of controls systems. Our skilled controls team is proficient in writing PLC code tailored to meet the specific requirements of each bespoke system. We excel in developing SCADA and HMI software that offers an intuitive interface for site operators, enhancing their ability to effectively monitor and control processes.

Our expertise spans multiple software platforms, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, and Mitsubishi. This enables us to cater to diverse client needs and ensures that we can effectively implement and integrate the most suitable software solution for each project.

Installation And Commissioning

Our highly skilled industrial electricians possess the expertise to proficiently handle a wide range of electrical installation tasks, delivering exceptional results at every level. From cable management to precise glanding and terminations, we ensure that all aspects of the installation adhere to the highest industry standards.

As a testament to our commitment to quality and safety, all our electricians are rigorously trained and certified in accordance with the 18th edition wiring regulations. This ensures that our team remains up to date with the latest standards and practices, guaranteeing the reliability and compliance of every installation project we undertake.

Panel Design And Manufacture

With our extensive expertise, we specialise in the design, assembly, and installation of both high voltage and low voltage panels. Our proficiency extends to various types of panels, including PLC cabinets, distribution boards, and motor control centres.

Throughout our projects, we have successfully delivered customised solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our team of specialists ensures meticulous attention to detail in panel design, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. From precise assembly to seamless installation, we prioritise quality craftsmanship at every step to guarantee reliable and safe operations.

Whether it’s a complex PLC cabinet or a comprehensive motor control centre, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle diverse panel projects.

PLC Integration And Upgrades

We can integrate new controls hardware and software with existing PLC systems. With access to latest parts from all manufacturers we can specify, install, and integrate all hardware and instrumentation required. PLCs requiring updating can be studied to extract the existing coding and recoded to a new system.

We understand the importance of minimising disruptions to site operations during updates. To achieve this, we have established in-house processes designed to mitigate any potential impact. Our team is experienced in implementing updates with precision, ensuring that the site continues to operate smoothly throughout the transition.

Service Level Agreements

Our service level agreements are developed to reduce client facility downtown and minimise reactive maintenance cost.

During reactive breakdowns our technical team will answer calls and provide engineering support on site within an agreed time window to minimise asset downtime. To further enhance our support capabilities, we offer comprehensive 24-hour assistance and provide online VPN access to our clients’ PLC/SCADA systems, enabling remote support whenever needed.

We will tailor predictive maintenance visits to incorporate all site-specific content. All risks will be identified with solutions to prevent future breakdowns provided.

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