In efforts to increase efficiency an industrial processing client reached out to us for a comprehensive plant control system upgrade. As part of this project, Hale Engineering was tasked with conceptualising a new control room design to optimise efficiency and operator control.

The client, a leader in industrial processing, wanted to modernise their plant control systems to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency. Recognising the critical role of a well-designed control room in achieving these objectives, they requested Hale Engineering to develop conceptual designs for a state-of-the-art control room.

We have a lot of expertise in control systems and industrial automation and began with providing 3D concept designs of the new control room. Our primary focus was to visualise a new control room layout that integrated cutting-edge control systems while enhancing operator visibility and control capabilities.

Key Focus Areas

  • Integration of New Control Systems: Our objective was to incorporate the latest control technologies into the design, ensuring compatibility with the existing infrastructure. This involved careful planning to accommodate diverse systems and interfaces within the control room layout.
  • Enhanced Operator Visibility and Control: Operator efficiency and comfort were central to our design. We strategically positioned full-wall monitors and ergonomic workstations to optimise operator visibility and ease of control. The integration of a comprehensive SCADA system provides operators with a holistic view of plant operations for enhanced decision-making.

The delivery of detailed 3D concept designs aided the client to visualise the proposed control room layout and functionalities. This visualisation played a pivotal role in informed decision-making, ensuring alignment with operational requirements and project goals. The integration of advanced control systems is there to significantly enhance operational efficiency and safety standards within the plant.

Hale Engineering’s involvement in this project highlights our commitment to delivering practical and forward-thinking solutions for industrial operations. Leveraging advanced 3D modelling techniques, we assisted the client in envisioning the future of their control room, supporting their plant control system upgrade with innovative design concepts.

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