Hale Engineering specialises in various areas of industrial engineering. We are unique in the way we offer a variety of services, from consultation to design and installation. Recently, we undertook a project that not only showcased our wide range of skills but also provided our client with a cost-effective solution. 

The project aimed to renew an old lamination press, repurposing it with new functionalities to avoid a significant expenditure on buying a brand new one. Hale Engineering aims to offer sustainable practices that either lengthen machine life or provide long-lasting, cost-effective solutions.

A lamination press is a critical piece of manufacturing equipment, and we have a good understanding of its existing mechanical and electrical design, especially in terms of our client’s machine. Our objective was to integrate six different tool functions essential for building specific products, requiring problem-solving skills.

The client’s machine, though outdated, had the potential for a new lease on life. It comprised a Siemens S7 ET200SP and S7 1500 safety PLC, along with two SEW gear motors, a variable frequency drive (VFD), and an absolute encoder for precise positioning. Additionally, it featured a Festo valve island for pneumatic air control and a Siemens HMI for operation.

The engineering challenge we faced was to devise a way to drive the top table to its true position using the SEW drive, which operates the gears. The original program, written in C+, was inaccessible, compelling us to start developing new software from scratch.

After a period of testing and development, our engineer successfully rewrote the software, ensuring that the new tools functioned smoothly with the old machine. This not only demonstrates our capability to adapt and innovate but also highlights how we deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients.

In conclusion, the modified lamination press is now fully operational, with the new functionalities. This project highlights our capability and creativity when it comes to solving problems. Repurposing and upgrading are significant aspects of what we do. We decipher sustainable solutions in the manufacturing industry so you don’t have to overspend on machinery repairs.

Are you looking for an upgrade on machinery that isn’t working to its full potential? 

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