Our client recently reported operational difficulties with their Kawasaki bin washing robot. The robot exhibited issues with both bin handling and lid opening, specifically failing to securely grasp and maneuver the bins, and experiencing malfunctions with the bin lid during the washing cycle. Hale was called to the site to deal with this.

Issues Reported:

  1. Bin Pickup and Drop-off: The robot struggled to correctly pick up bins and experienced difficulty dropping them off at the designated locations.
  2. Lid Malfunction: The bin lid was not opening properly during the washing process, disrupting the cleaning cycle.

Troubleshooting and Solutions:

To rectify these issues, our engineers implemented a two-pronged approach focusing on both software reprogramming and hardware maintenance:

  1. Software Adjustments:
    • The robot’s program was reprogrammed to optimise bin pickup and drop-off locations by adjusting the X, Y, and Z coordinates. This reprogramming aimed to enhance the precision of the robot’s movements, ensuring accurate bin handling.
  2. Hardware Maintenance:
    • Gripper Adjustment: The vacuum pad on the gripper was realigned to ensure a proper seal, improving its ability to securely hold the bins during manipulation.
    • Pneumatic System: The elbow connector for the pneumatic air pipe was replaced. This component was potentially linked to the bin holding issue, as compressed air is crucial for the actuation mechanisms within the system.

Our Engineer’s Next Steps:

  1. Evaluation: The robot’s performance should be thoroughly evaluated to determine if the implemented solutions have effectively addressed the bin pickup, drop-off, and lid opening problems.
  2. Monitoring: Continuous monitoring will be conducted to ensure that the robot operates smoothly and to identify any further adjustments that may be necessary.

The proactive measures taken by our engineering team have addressed the immediate issues faced by the Kawasaki bin washing robot. By reprogramming the software and conducting crucial hardware maintenance, we have enhanced the robot’s functionality. Ongoing evaluation and monitoring will ensure sustained performance improvements, allowing our client to maintain efficient and effective operations.

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