carbonIn the ever-evolving landscape of industrial engineering, innovation is a driving force behind enhanced efficiency and productivity. The Hale Engineering team’s recent project is a demonstration commitment to progress. With a keen focus on carbon dosing, they were tasked with the overhaul of the existing system, aiming to optimise the supply of carbon to an incinerator. This involved a comprehensive revamp, from replacing cables to installing a new Practicon controller panel, and the meticulous calibration and commissioning that followed. In this article, we explore the details of this transformative project, shedding light on how the teams endeavors are shaping a new standard in industrial operations.

Step 1

To begin with, the Hale Engineering team worked on installing a carbon doser. The old carbon doser was removed and a new one installed by the team. The Engineers were required to replace the existing motor supply cable and also replace the carbon level sensor cable as it was damaged. Finally the team wired 3x new load cells for weight indication to the Practicon controller. 

carboncarbonStep 2

Once all wired, the Practicon controller had to be calibrated and commissioned to ensure that we have 6kg/hr supply to the incinerator. This was checked by manual calculations done by the plant manager.

Step 3

See the last photo (blue casing) for the newly installed Practicon controller panel with new wiring. This Practicon controller is used for monitoring the Kg/hr of carbon supply onto an incinerator. It does this by measuring the weight change from the carbon doser where they load 20kg bags of carbon at a time.

The Hale Engineering team’s highlights their endeavor to optimise the supply of carbon to an incinerator through the installation of a cutting-edge carbon doser system. With a thorough approach, they executed a comprehensive overhaul, from replacing cables to integrating a state-of-the-art Practicon controller panel, followed by the crucial steps of calibration and commissioning. As we’ve explored the intricate details of this transformative project, it becomes evident that Hale Engineering is not just following industry standards but redefining them. The precision and attention to detail, as seen in the Practicon controller photos, leave no doubt that their efforts are shaping a new benchmark for industrial operations.