ABB Reliability and efficiency of machinery in the electrical engineering is important. During this article we will delve into 2 major enhancements to industrial equipment Hale Engineering undertook. One being the replacement of an ageing ABB drive and the other, installation of a state-of-the-art electrical panel. Both of which now run efficiently and reliably.

ABB Drive

Firstly, the ABB drive was showing signs of wear and tear and was not performing effectively so we were called in to replace it. This job was done in 24 hours and the replaced panel allowed the machine to be up and running with no interruption. You can see from the before and after’s at the side of this post what a difference there was.

Electrical Panel

Secondly, the team installed a new electrical panel for the boiler supply, this panel is now equip with a 63 residualABB current device (RCD) which is a safety device which automatically disconnects the power supply if there is a ground fault/short circuit therefore preventing electrical fires and injury.


The installation of this panel was completed in accordance with all applicable electrical codes and regulations. The panel is now in compliance with all safety standards and will provide years of reliable service.