In response to the evolving needs of our clients, the Hale Engineering team recently undertook a project involving the relocation of Condensate Extraction System collection tanks within a customer’s plant. The driving force behind this move was the integration of a new machine into the existing setup which made a massive difference to our customers plant.

Our client requested the relocation of the Collection Tanks, necessitating the careful transfer of all associated field devices. This included both existing equipment and newly added field devices tailored for the new machine, which required the replacement of existing cabling, containment systems and software integration. 

A planning site visit was primarily conducted, involving the procurement of necessary parts and equipment to facilitate a relocation. Once the Collection Tanks were successfully relocated, the Hale Engineering team initiated the installation of field devices, establishing new power supply and signal circuits to accommodate the additional machine.

The engineers completed the installation and conducted rigorous functional tests to ensure optimal performance. The culmination of this endeavor was the successful handover of the upgraded Condensate Extraction System to our satisfied customer, marking another milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for industrial efficiency.

Before                                     After                                       Technology used