A new customer Tradebe in Wrexham approached Hale Engineering, given the companies recognised expertise in waste incineration, to upgrade an old boiler panel and make PLC and SCADA modifications to improve the safety and efficiency of the plant.

The project involved the replacement of an outdated boiler panel with a new panel, update the safety circuits to the correct standard using safety relays and a comprehensive testing of safety interlocks, ensuring compliance with current standards. 

The project commenced with a detailed assessment of the existing boiler panel and safety interlocks. 

Through much planning and coordination, the Hale Engineering team replaced the outdated panel with an up to date unit, working extended hours to ensure that the panel and modifications were done and completed during the planned shutdown period.

Safety testing procedures were employed to verify the functionality of safety interlocks, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety in operations. 

Our team conducted comprehensive checks to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, mitigating any potential risks associated with the upgrade.

To enhance operational efficiency, duty standby and load-sharing functionalities were implemented across the boiler pumps. 

This optimisation ensures optimal performance and reliability, even under varying load and fault conditions, thereby maximising the plant’s productivity.

Moreover, modifications were made to the existing PLC/SCADA systems to accommodate the new functionalities seamlessly. 

These enhancements have enabled real-time monitoring and control of critical parameters, empowering operators with enhanced visibility and control over plant operations.

Overall our key improvements are highlighted here:

  • Successful replacement of old boiler panel with a modernised version, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.
  • Testing of safety interlocks, ensuring compliance with current standards and regulations.
  • Implementation of duty standby and load-sharing functionalities across boiler pumps, optimising operational performance.
  • Seamless integration of modifications into existing SCADA systems, facilitating real-time monitoring and control.
  • Additional modifications made to other existing plant to reduce costs on dosing equipment.
  • Updated documentation and information.
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

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