Design projects are not often conducted by the engineering consultant company. However, here at Hale we change the norm. Our most recent project was to assist our client to overhaul an existing robotic bin wash line and in this case study we will discuss how we did it.  

Our client, a sanitation solutions provider, faced the task of modifying their current robotic bin wash line. Complicating matters, the modifications were to be carried out by a third-party company located overseas. However, no drawings or models were available to guide the redesign process.

In this scenario, Hale Engineering was enlisted to produce a 3D CAD model and technical drawings, providing the necessary documentation for the overseas modifications.

To tackle this we began by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing robotic bin wash line, gaining a clear understanding of its functionalities and areas requiring modification. Utilising our engineering expertise, we developed pragmatic solutions tailored to meet the client’s objectives within the constraints of the project. Our team then crafted a detailed 3D CAD model of the existing robotic bin wash line. From the 3D CAD model, we produced thorough technical drawings containing all necessary dimensions, specifications, and assembly instructions for the client. 

The culmination of our efforts was the delivery of a robust 3D CAD model and comprehensive technical drawings. These resources allowed our client and their overseas engineering team to proceed confidently with the modifications, enhancing the line’s efficiency and functionality.

This project demonstrates Hale Engineering’s precision and collaboration skills in tackling engineering challenges. Through effective communication and design, we facilitated the modification of the existing robotic bin wash line, ensuring alignment with client needs and overseas teams.

At Hale Engineering, we excel in delivering pragmatic engineering solutions that meet our clients’ requirements with reliability and efficiency. Partner with us to get reliable solutions to your engineering needs. 

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