EngineeringHale Engineering’s newest project involved the relocation of a three-phase power socket to a new location 40 meters away from its current spot. This relocation was necessary so to provide power to a new 28VDC transformer. The case study includes the Hale Engineering team conducting a safe disconnection and subsequent reconnection of an old shredder motor.

1. Moving The 3-Phase Socket

The first step in this project was to move the existing three-phase power socket to the truck loading bay. This relocation ensures that the power source is closer to where it’s needed, improving efficiency and convenience. The team was successful in the transfer of the power socket meaning they could move onto the next step.

2. Running Armored Cable

To supply power to the truck loading bay, the engineering team ran an armored cable from the conveyor system to the new location. This cable ensured safe and reliable power transmission over the 40-meter distance. Therefore highlighting the Hale Engineering’s team attention to safety and detail while undertaking risky tasks.

3. Upgrading The Circuit BreakerEngineering

The company engineers upgraded the existing C16 MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) to a more robust B16 MCB. This upgrade was necessary to accommodate the increased power demands of the new 28VDC transformer, providing a safer and more efficient power supply.

4. Connecting And Testing For The DC Transformer

After the upgraded MCB is in place, Hale Engineering Northern team connected and thoroughly tested the power supply for the new 28VDC transformer. Testing ensures that the power is stable and suitable for the transformer, allowing it to operate effectively.

5. Assisting with Shredder MotorEngineering

Lastly, Northern team of engineers provided assistance to the shredder motor engineer. They help safely disconnect the power supply for the old shredder motor, ensuring that all safety measures were in place. After the necessary repairs and maintenance work on the motor, they reconnected the power supply to get the shredder back up and running efficiently.

Overall this case study is a brilliant way to showcase the Hale Engineering team’s skills and knowledge. Each of these tasks were undertaken effectively and professionally, taking into account industry safety regulations. Relocating the three-phase power socket and ensuring a stable power supply to the new transformer and shredder motor was extremally important for the operational efficiency for the clients equipment. The project ensured safety, and helped in the seamless functioning of the equipment involved. It was a great success and we want to thank our skilled Northern Engineering team for completing this great project so well.