Challenges can arise at any moment in engineering and it is important to have an effective and smooth response to ensure successful operations. This was highlighted recently when we received a reactive call at 10 pm concerning a clients hardware overheating issue.

The Challenge

The reactive call informed us that there was an overheating of a 315kW variable frequency drive unit which was crucial in our clients operation. Our technical team in London rose to the occasion.

The Solution

Our highly trained engineers replaced the malfunctioning unit with a spare one, programming it. The Hale Engineering team completed this entire operation in an outstanding 8 hours. This was especially impressive due to the fact that the old unit’s cooling fan which had failed, created an element of inaccessibility, which in turn added an extra layer of complexity to this situation.

The Takeaways

  1. Consistent Maintenance is Essential: This incident highlights the importance of consistent maintenance for critical hardware components. Regular maintenance checks can help identify potential issues before they become critical and can prevent unexpected failures.
  2. Modernising for Better Maintenance: It’s crucial to consider upgrading or replacing obsolete units with more modern designs that prioritise ease of maintenance. Investing in advanced technology can save time and resources in the long run, as demonstrated by our swift response to this situation.

In conclusion, this hardware overheating incident showcased our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to critical situations. It serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive maintenance, modernisation, and having contingency plans in place for crucial systems.